phone with sensors

Ollinfit is a set of three wearable sensors and smartphone app that work together as your personal trainer. It monitors your exercise form with superior accuracy and guides you with instant, easy-to-follow audio and vibration feedback—precisely when you need it. It is designed to help everyone at every level, reach their fitness goals more quickly & more safely.

Wearable Technologies

… takes fitness wearables beyond the limits of traditional, wrist-worn devices.


It’s a new device that goes above and beyond the average fitness tracker.


Ollinfit Looks to Emulate Personal Trainer Experience with Wearable Tech


Do you lift? If so this could be the set of wearable sensors for you


voice feedback

Voice Guidance

Live audio feedback during your exercise to help you correct bad form and get the most out of every rep.

vibration feedback

Vibration Feedback

Sensors gently vibrate to indicate the area of improper form, helping you to identify and correct your form.

app screen feedback

On-screen Analysis

Complete details of form quality and weight lifted are automatically saved. Track your progress conveniently without a notebook.

squat biomechanics


Properly performed free weight exercises are essentially the functional expression of human skeletal and muscular anatomy. Just like any other skill, perfect lifting form takes time to master. As you practice, Ollinfit continuously analyzes your motion and present with easy to understand feedback.

For an exercise like squat, Ollinfit makes sure the barbell is lowered in a vertical line as it is the most efficient path for a barbell moving through space in a gravitational framework. It also checks how deep your hips are moving along with how far the knees extend forward to minimize the strain on your joints.

three sensors


Ollinfit consists of 3 small, rugged, and comfortable sensors. The sensors track your full range of motion with unparalleled accuracy. By strategically placing the sensors depending on the exercise, Ollinfit achieves maximum coverage while maintaining ease of use.


personal training experience

Coming soon to App Store and Google Play

complete solution

follow trainer on the app

Choose a Program

Our trainers have built a library of exercise programs, whether your goal is to lose weight, get toned or simply bulk up.

form error screen

Get Live Form Feedback

As you exercise, Ollinfit provides real-time feedback and indicates any area for form improvement.

lifting too much weight

Optimize Your Workout

Based on your performance, Ollinfit recommends the ideal weight for your next set to maximize your results and minimize risks of injury.

reach your fitness goal


We know how hard it is to make a commitment to fitness. Your time is valuable so Ollinfit maximizes results. We know how distracting it can be trying to gauge your form in a mirror at the gym and the last thing you want to do is exercise incorrectly. Not only do you risk injury, but you don't see results and all your hard work is wasted. Ollinfit takes the guesswork out of your exercise, so you can put all your effort to your workout.

Go All In Go Ollinfit

phone with sensors