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Ollinfit is a wearable personal trainer that detects your mistakes and corrects you while you exercise. It provides real-time audio and vibration feedback to ensure you maintain the best possible exercise form. It warns you of any incorrect techniques before it becomes a habit. It is a tool to help you maximize results and minimze injuries.




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Our Story

Ollinfit dates back to 2011 when our first prototype was created as part of final year engineering project at McMaster University. The first prototype aired on CTV Breakfast show on April, 2011. We founded Ollinfit Inc. after graduating from Electrical and Biomedical Engineering program at McMaster University.

Even though our mission to make personal training more affordable and accessible using wearable technology has not changed, Ollinfit has evolved a great deal since its conception. Having engineering background has been a great asset during the development phase. We have been able to put our knowledge and experience directly into the design and development of Ollinfit. Additionally, a total of 17 people with different skills and backgrounds have directly contributed to development of Ollinfit. We have transformed our initial lab prototype into a product that is now ready for the public.

The longest part of the development process has been the algorithms, which are the real “brains” behind Ollinfit. Since our initial prototype in 2011, we have spent countless hours deriving the best solution that provides the highest accuracy and immunity to false classification. It must also adapt to different body types and exercise variations. Conventional algorithms fail to meet the needs of this challenge, hence we have developed sophisticated machine learning algorithm that continues to grow smarter as it gathers more samples.


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Ollinfit tracks your motion during exercise, provides real-time feedback using voice and vibration when exercise is not performed correctly. Provides affordable personal training experience.


Ollinfit was founded by three alumni of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering program from McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada.)


We are working on our Kickstarter campaign. Backers will be able to start pre-ordering in mid-August. Our development started in 2013.


Ollinfit is based in Toronto, Canada


The primary driver of our new product is our belief that access to professional fitness training advice shouldn't be a luxury for a select few. With the rising costs of personal training sessions, beginners often turn to their friends or do their own research and often get conflicting or bad advice. Worst, they start developing bad exercise habits that often lead to injuries. Perhaps you are simply getting started with your fitness journey, or perhaps you don't have enough time or funds to schedule a personal trainer into your busy schedule. With the help of our new product, such reasons will no longer pose a problem. With modern day’s technology, we have created an experience that caters to fitness enthusiasts and to individuals who dream to achieve a healthy and fit body but lack the knowledge and time to do so.


Ollinfit is a system of three sensors which can be clipped to velcro bands. The sensors are placed at strategic areas depending on exercise performed to ensure maximum motion tracking accuracy. Sensors communicate to our app on android or iPhone which perform real-time motion analysis and provides voice feedback.